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Before starting the engine for the first time, perform the operations listed under Preparation For Starting Engine First Time.'' ‪

Before a routine start, see Daily Maintenance-All Applications". Refer to section . ‪

  1. Turn the ignition switch to the ON" position. The CEL (Check Engine Light) should be illuminated. After 6-10 seconds the light should go out.

    Note: Wait for the glow plug light to go out.


    To prevent serious damage to the cranking motor, if the engine does not start, do not press the starting switch again while the cranking motor is spinning. ‪

  2. If the check engine light is off, press the starting motor switch firmly. If the engine fails to start within 15 seconds, release the starting switch and allow the starting motor to cool for 15 seconds before trying again. If the engine fails to start after four attempts, an inspection should be made to determine the cause.