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The air intake system consists of the following components: ‪

  • Air cleaner
  • Intake manifold
  • Turbocharger
  • Charge air cooler

The turbocharger supplies air under pressure to the intake manifold. The air enters the turbocharger after passing through the air cleaner. Power to drive the turbocharger is extracted from energy in the engine exhaust gas. The expanding exhaust gases turn a single stage turbocharger wheel, which drives an impeller, thus pressuring intake air. This charge air is then cooled by an air-to-air heat exchanger before the engine intake manifold for improved combustion efficiency. See Figure 27761 . ‪

Air Intake System Schematic

A charge air cooler CAC is mounted in front of the engine coolant radiator. The pressurized intake charge is routed from the discharge side of the turbocharger, through the CAC to the intake manifold, which directs the air to ports in the cylinder head, through one intake valve per cylinder, and into each cylinder. ‪

Repair and replacement procedures for the individual components of the air intake system are contained in this section. ‪