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To determine if a defective magnetic switch is causing starting difficulty: ‪

  1. Start engine.
  2. Clamp a heavy gauge battery jumper cable between the two large studs of the magnetic switch. See Figure 20538 .

    Basic Cranking Circuit

    1. If the engine cranked with the jumper cable in place, the magnetic switch must be replaced; refer to section .
    2. If the engine did not crank with the jumper cable in place, check the starter; refer to section .

Magnetic Switch Replacement

Perform the following steps for magnetic switch replacement: ‪

  1. Replace the magnetic switch; refer to OEM guidelines.
  2. Verify magnetic switch replacement; refer to section .
Test Engine with Replaced Magnetic Switch

Perform the following steps to determine if the magnetic switch replacement resolved starting difficulty: ‪

  1. Refer to section for the exhaust catuion before preceeding. Attempt to start and run the engine.
    1. If the engine starts and runs, no further troubleshooting is required. Shut down the engine.
    2. If the engine fails to start and run, check the starter; refer to section .