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A Kim Hot Start starting aid system is installed in certain heat exchanger-cooled marine engines. This system consists of a 1000 watt heater element installed in a boss in the oil cooler housing where the coolant flows into the cylinder block. A thermostat located in the thermostat housing spacer is used to turn the heater element on and off. The heater element and thermostat are wired to a harness connected to a bracket-mounted control box on the right-rear of the cylinder block. The Kim Hot Start system provides a coolant temperature of between 38 49C (100 120F) for rapid engine start-up. ‪


Always disconnect the electrical harness to the block heater system before draining the engine coolant. Failure to observe this precaution may result in damage to the block heater system should the thermostat energize the element after coolant is drained from the engine. ‪

The Kim Hot Start heater element and thermostat do not require periodic maintenance. As long as they are operating properly, no further maintenance is needed. ‪

The wiring harness should be inspected periodically for loose or damaged connections and frayed insulation. Tighten connections or repair or replace the harness, as required. ‪

Kim Hot Start is a registered trademark of the Kim Corporation. ‪