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SERIES 60 Torque Specification Exceptions - Fasteners



This section contains the exceptions to the fastener torque specifications. ‪

The proper bolt and nut torque is dependent on its size. The proper torque for metric nuts and bolts are listed in Table in the "General Information". Standard (nonmetric) nut and bolt torque specifications are listed in Table in the "General Information" section. The exceptions to this rule are listed in Table . ‪


Torque, N m

Torque, lb ft

Bolt, Alternator Mounting Bracket ‪

58-73 ‪

43-54 ‪

Nut, Drive Pulley ‪

95-108 ‪

70-80 ‪

Bolt, Alternator-to-Mounting Bracket ‪

81-95 ‪

60-70 ‪

Exceptions - Metric Fastener Torque Specifications