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The Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS) is mounted on the right rear corner of the cylinder head, behind the turbocharger. The CTS sends an electrical signal to the ECM indicating the engine coolant temperature. The CTS activates engine protection if coolant temperature exceeds the specified limits. See Figure 27805 . ‪

1. Air Intake Sensor ‪

Coolant Temperature Sensor Location

Repair or Replacement of Coolant Temperature Sensor

The CTS is non-serviceable, and is replaced as a unit. No adjustment is required. ‪

Removal of Coolant Temperature Sensor

Remove the CTS as follows: ‪

  1. Disengage locking tang on two wire connector.
  2. Grasp body of the connector and gently pull it from the socket.
  3. Use the appropriate wrench on the hex portion of the sensor and unscrew it from the cylinder head.

Installation of Coolant Temperature Sensor

Install the CTS as follows: ‪

  1. Apply Loctite pipe sealant with Teflon PT-7260 or equivalent on all but first two threads.
  2. Install CTS to the cylinder head.
  3. Torque to 102-127 Nm (75-94 lbft).
  4. Carefully fasten two-wire connector onto sensor and engage locking tang.