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The lubrication system consists of the following components: ‪

  • Oil Pump
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Oil Filter
  • Oil Filter Adaptor
  • Oil Cooler
  • Oil Level Dipstick
  • Oil Pan
  • Ventilating System
  • Piston Cooling
  • Camshaft Oil Cooler

Oil leaving the oil pump is forced through the full-flow filter to the oil cooler and then into the oil gallery in the cylinder block. From there it is distributed to the various engine bearings and moving parts. ‪

A schematic of the lubricating system is shown in the following illustration. See Figure 23556 . ‪

1.Oil Pan ‪

9.Camshaft ‪

2.Oil Pressure Relief Valve ‪

10.Cylinder Heads ‪

3.Oil Pump Assembly ‪

11.Rocker Arm Assemblies ‪

4.Oil Filter ‪

12.Cylinder Block ‪

5.Oil Cooler Assembly ‪

13.Air Compressor Assembly ‪

6.Crankshaft ‪

14.Turbocharger ‪

7.Piston and Connecting Rod Assembly ‪

15.Oil Pickup Tube and Screen Assembly ‪

8.Piston Oil Nozzle ‪

16.Camshaft Oil Nozzle ‪

Lubrication System Schematic Diagram