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The DVB pump supplies pressurized oil to each cylinder via six separate oil lines. ‪

Repair or Replacement of DVB Pump Oil Lines

Perform the following procedure to determine if repair is possible or replacement is necessary. ‪

Removal of DVB Pump Oil Line

The oil supply lines should be removed in the following order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. For proper port locations, see Figure 25731 . ‪

DVB Pump Oil Lines

Remove the oil lines as follows. ‪

  1. Remove the oil line clamps, starting with those farthest from the DVB pump and working toward the pump.
  2. Remove the clamp bolts.
  3. Remove the oil supply lines, beginning with the fittings retaining them to the cylinder heads.
  4. Remove the fittings attaching the oil supply lines to the DVB pump.
Inspection of DVB Pump Oil Line

Inspect the DVB oil pump lines as follows: ‪

  1. Check oil pump lines for leaks or cracks. If these are detected, the line must be replaced.

Installation of DVB Pump Oil Line

Install the oil lines as follows: ‪

  1. Finger-tighten the oil lines into the individual cylinder heads and the DVB pump. The supply lines should be installed in the following order: 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. For proper port locations, see Figure 25731 .

    DVB Pump Oil Supply Line Port Locations

  2. Torque the fitting attaching the oil line to the DVB pump to 34-36 N m (25-27 lb ft).
  3. Torque the nut attaching the oil line to the cylinder head to 34-36 N m (25-27 lb ft).
  4. Attach the oil line support bracket to the intake manifold. See Figure 25732 .

    1.DVB Pump Mounting Bolts ‪

    9.Oil Line Support Bracket ‪

    2.DVB Pump ‪

    10.Bolt ‪

    3.Intake Manifold ‪

    11.Clip ‪

    4.Nut Union ‪

    12.Clip ‪

    5.Bolt ‪

    13.Bolt ‪

    6.Clip ‪

    14.Tube Assembly ‪

    7.Clip ‪

    15.DVB Bracket Tube Support ‪

    8.Nut ‪

    Installation of Oil Support Bracket and Oil Line Clamps

  5. Torque the M6 bolts to 14-16 N m (10-12 lb ft) and for M8 bolts to 24-26 N m (18-19 lb ft).
  6. Install clamp bolts.
  7. Install clamps, starting with those attached to the support bracket first, then those that are free-standing last.

    Note: Start clamping at the point with most lines, and work outward from the pump.

  8. To verify proper DVB oil pump line installation, refer to section .