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Two lifter brackets are used to remove and replace the engine. See Figure 24664 . ‪

1.Rear Lifter Bracket ‪

3.Spreader Bar ‪

2.Lifting Sling (2) ‪

4.Front Lifter Bracket ‪

Lifting Engine from Vehicle

If a lifter bracket is removed while any other service operation is being performed, ensure that it is reinstalled. ‪

Repair or Replacement of Lifter Bracket

To determine if repair is possible or replacement is necessary, perform the following procedure. See Figure 21693 . ‪

Repair or Replacement of Lifter Bracket Flowchart

Removal of Lifter Bracket

Remove the bolts securing the lifter bracket to the engine. See Figure 25073 . ‪

1.Front Bracket Bolt ‪

3.Rear Engine Lifter Bracket ‪

2.Front Engine Lifter Bracket ‪

4.Rear Bracket Bolt ‪

Engine Lifter Brackets

Inspection of Lifter Bracket

Inspect lifter brackets as follows: ‪


A bent or otherwise damaged bracket may cause injury or component damage when the engine is being lifted. Replace damaged or bent brackets before lifting engine. ‪

  1. Inspect each bracket for cracks, bending, or other damage. If any of these conditions is detected, replace bracket.

Installation of Lifter Bracket

Install the lifter brackets as follows: ‪

  1. Install brackets to the engine. See Figure 25073 .
  2. Torque the front engine lifter bracket mounting bolts to 101-126 N m (75-93 lb ft).
  3. Torque the rear engine lifter bracket to 245-306 N m (181-226 lb ft).