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To determine if improper injector calibration setting (DDEC III engines only) is causing rough running or stalling, perform the following: ‪

  1. Test for improper injector setting; refer to Section .
  2. Compare the calibration code(s) shown on the Diagnostic Data Reader display with the two digit calibration code(s) on the injector(s).

    Injector Calibration Code

    1. If the calibration codes match, refer to Section .
    2. If the calibration code on the display is different then the calibration code on the suspect injector for that cylinder, the injector setting must be reset, see Figure 21495 ; refer to Section .

Improper Injector Setting Repair

Perform the following steps to recalibrate improper injector setting: ‪

  1. Reset incorrect injector setting; refer to Section .
  2. Verify injector setting repair; refer to Section .
Test the Engine with Corrected Injector Setting

Perform the following to determine if the corrected injector setting resolved rough running or stalling: ‪

  1. Start and run the engine.
  2. Run the engine through its operating range with no-load for approximately 5 minutes, allowing the engine coolant to reach normal operating range, 88-96C (190-210F).
    1. If the engine is not running rough or stalling, no further troubleshooting is required. Shut the engine down.
    2. If the engine is running rough or stalling, shut the engine down. Check for low compression pressure; refer to Section .