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A total of three engine lifter brackets are installed on each Series 50 Engines and are utilized when removing and replacing the engine. See Figure 24207 . ‪

Lifting Engine


To lift the engine, use a suitable lifting device. See Figure 24207 . A spreader bar should be used with a sling and adequate chain hoist when lifting any engine. The lifting device should be adjusted so the lifting hooks are vertical to prevent bending the engine lift brackets. To ensure proper weight distribution, all three engine lift brackets provided must be used in lifting the engine. Be sure the spreader bar is adequate to prevent lifter brackets from contacting the engine rocker cover and causing damage. ‪

A lifter bracket should always be reinstalled whenever removal is necessary. See Figure 24271 . ‪

Engine Lifter Brackets

Repair or Replacement of the Lifter Bracket

To determine if repair is possible or replacement is necessary perform the following procedure. See Figure 21693 . ‪

Flowchart for Repair or Replacement of Lifter Bracket

Removal and Cleaning of Lifter Bracket

Perform the following steps for lifter bracket removal: ‪

  1. Remove the bolts securing the lifter bracket to the engine.
Inspection of Lifter Bracket

Perform the following for lifter bracket inspection: ‪


To avoid injury from a falling engine, do not use a damaged lifter bracket when lifting the engine.

  1. Inspect the lifter brackets for cracks, bending or other damage.
  2. Replace the bracket if any of these conditions exist.

Installation of Lifter Bracket

Perform the following steps for lifter bracket installation: ‪

  1. Install the bracket to the engine. Torque the mounting bolts to 101-126 Nm (75-93 lbft).
  2. Follow the fan support bracket installation instructions, torque specifications, and tightening sequence in "Installation of Gear Case Cover;" refer to Section .