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The air compressor is provided by the OEM. ‪

A six-bolt design air compressor mounting base, mounting bracket and gasket are used on engines equipped with a belt-driven air compressor. ‪

Repair or Replacement of Air Compressor

To determine if repair or replacement is necessary, contact the OEM. ‪

Inspection of Air Compressor

Inspect the air compressor for cracks or other physical damage. If necessary, replace. ‪

Installation of Air Compressor

Follow the OEM instructions to install the air compressor. A typical mounting is illustrated. See Figure 32062 . ‪

Note: Do not over-torque the air compressor mounting bolts. Over-torque will result in fracturing the front cover.

1. Air Compressor ‪

3. Mounting Bolts (2) ‪

2. Front Cover ‪

Air Compressor Mounting

Installation of Air Compressor Bracket

Install the air compressor bracket as follows: ‪

  1. Place the air compressor bracket against the crankcase; then slide forward to the air compressor mounting face. Install two (2) bolts and finger-tighten to secure bracket to crankcase. See Figure 32063 .

    1. Mounting Bolts (2) ‪

    3. Air Compressor ‪

    2. Air Compressor Bracket ‪

    Installing the Air Compressor Bracket

  2. Secure air compressor bracket to air compressor using two (2) bolts and two (2) washers. Torque to specifications. See Figure 32064 .

    1. Air Compressor ‪

    3. Power Steering Pump Bracket ‪

    2. Tail Bracket ‪

    Securing the Air Compressor Bracket

  3. Torque two (2) bolts securing bracket to crankcase. Refer to section 10A, Specifications. See Figure 32065 .

    1. Air Compressor ‪

    3. Tail Bracket ‪

    2. Bracket ‪

    Securing the Rear Air Compressor Bracket

  4. Install two (2) coolant hoses to air compressor and to crankcase. See Figure 32067 .

    1. Air Compressor ‪

    3. Coolant Fitting ‪

    2. Coolant Hose ‪

    Installing Coolant Hoses

  5. Install lubrication line to air compressor and tighten nuts in two places.
  6. Using two (2) bolts, mount steering pump to air compressor and tighten bolts.

Installation of Fan Drive and Pulley

Install the fan drive and pulley as follows: ‪

  1. Mount fan drive hub to the front cover. Secure with four (4) mounting bolts.
  2. Mount the fan drive pulley to the fan hub and torque. Use a special holding tool, purchased locally.

Installation of Auto Belt Tensioner

Install the auto tensioner to the front cover as follows: ‪

  1. Locate recess on front cover and mount tensioner with locating pin at recess. See Figure 32066 .
  2. Install bolt and secure to front cover. Ensure the bolt is 80 mm (3-1.8 in.) and torque.

    1. Recess ‪

    3. Bolt ‪

    2. Tensioner ‪

    4. Locating Pin ‪

    Auto Belt Tensioner