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To determine if repair is possible or replacement is necessary, perform the following procedures. See Figure 21701 . ‪

Flowchart for Repair or Replacement of Exhaust Manifold

Removal of Exhaust Manifold

Remove the exhaust manifold as follows: ‪

To avoid injury from hot surfaces, allow engine to cool before removing any component. Wear protective gloves.

  1. Remove twelve mounting bolts securing the three-piece exhaust manifold sections to the cylinder head; see Figure 32051 .

    1. Exhaust Manifold Mounting Bolts (12) ‪

    2. Exhaust Manifold ‪

    Exhaust Manifold Removal

  2. Remove the exhaust manifold and one-piece gasket.
Cleaning of Exhaust Manifold

Clean the exhaust manifold as follows: ‪

  1. The exhaust manifold is a three-piece assembly and may be cleaned with a suitable non-caustic solvent or steam cleaned. See Figure 32049 .

    1. Exhaust Manifold ‪

    2. Exhaust Manifold Gasket ‪

    Exhaust Manifold and Gasket

    To avoid injury from flying debris when using compressed air, wear adequate eye protection (face shield or safety goggles) and do not exceed 40 psi (276 kPa) air pressure.

  2. After cleaning, blow dry using filtered compressed air.
Inspection of Exhaust Manifold

Inspect the exhaust manifold as follows: ‪

  1. Visually inspect exhaust manifold for cracks. Replace as required.
  2. Inspect for warpage as follows. See Figure 32050 .
    1. Install exhaust manifold to cylinder head without gasket. Torque bolts. Refer to Specifications in Section .
    2. Using a 0.25 mm (.010 in.) feeler gage, measure gap between bolts at manifold flange to cylinder head mating surface.
    3. 1. Cylinder Head ‪

      3. Exhaust Manifold ‪

      2. Feeler Gage ‪

      Gap Measurement

    4. If feeler gage will pass through, exhaust manifold requires resurfacing.
    5. Note: A maximum of 0.64 mm (0.025 in.) material can be ground off to correct warpage.

  3. If warpage cannot be corrected by grinding, replace exhaust manifold.

Installation of Exhaust Manifold

Install the exhaust manifold as follows: ‪

  1. Apply "Never-Seez" to the bolts.
  2. Install assembled exhaust manifold with gasket to cylinder head.

    Note: Ensure exhaust manifold gasket and exhaust manifold are aligned before tightening bolts.

  3. Ensure gasket alignment with bolt holes and install twelve bolts.
  4. Torque bolts. Refer to Specifications in Section .