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Replace the crankshaft gear as follows: ‪


Follow these steps to assemble the crankshaft gear. ‪

  1. Place a chisel between the gear teeth and strike the chisel with a hammer to split the gear. See Figure 31920 .

    Assemble Crankshaft Gear

  2. Remove the oil pump drive spline first to access the crankshaft gear.
  3. Ensure the crankcase is not damaged during gear removal.


Follow these steps to install the crankshaft gear. ‪

  1. With gears removed, heat the crankshaft gear and oil pump drive spline to 188-202C (370-395F).
  2. Install the crankshaft gear first. Ensure the locating pin on the crankshaft gear aligns with the crankshaft properly. Press the gear into place. See Figure 31921 .

    Crankshaft Gear Installation

  3. Install the hot oil pump drive spline onto the crankshaft until flush with the crankshaft gear.