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Use the following procedure to remove the valve cover/intake manifold. ‪

  1. Disconnect the main wiring harness connector from the valve cover/intake manifold.
  2. Remove 13 valve cover/intake manifold capscrews.
  3. Lift the valve cover/intake manifold; bend back the tabs located in the wiring channel harness.
  4. Disconnect the six fuel injector solenoids from the wiring harness by spreading the tabs and pushing down. Or, release the retaining tabs of the wiring harness connector and push the connector body toward the inside of the valve cover/intake manifold. Remove the valve cover/intake manifold, leaving the wiring harness connected to the fuel injectors.


    Do not pull on wires or spread tabs out too far, as they may crack or break off the connector. ‪

  5. Remove valve cover/intake manifold and gasket from cylinder head. See Figure 31073 and see Figure 31074 .

    1. Cylinder Head ‪

    2. Valve Cover/Intake Manifold ‪

    Valve Cover/Intake Manifold Removal

    1. Gasket ‪

    2. Cylinder Head ‪

    Gasket Removal