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EGR Coolant Inlet Tube Removal

Remove the EGR coolant inlet tube as follows (see Figure 43968 for componet locations): ‪

1. Clamp ‪

5. Bracket Bolt ‪

2. Hose ‪

6. Water Pump ‪

3. Coolant Inlet Tube ‪

7. Seal ‪

4. Bracket Bolt ‪

EGR Coolant Inlet Tube and Related Components


To avoid injury from scalding, drain the radiator when the engine and coolant are cool.

  1. Drain coolant.
  2. Remove EGR delivery pipe. Refer to section .
  3. Loosen the hose clamps on the coolant hose. See Figure 43968 .
  4. Remove the two bolts from the brackets securing the coolant inlet tube.
  5. Remove the coolant inlet tube from the coolant hose and the water pump. Remove and discard seal from tube.

EGR Coolant Inlet Tube Installation

Install the EGR coolant inlet tube as follows (See Figure 43968 for component locations): ‪

  1. Lubricate new coolant inlet tube seal with lubricant (order number 000 989 11 60) and install on inlet tube.
  2. Inspect the coolant hose for damage and replace if required.
  3. Install inlet tube in hose and at water pump and secure with bolts at clamps. Tighten bolts to 31-35 Nm (23-26 lbft) and tighten hose clamps.
  4. Install EGR delivery pipe. Refer to section .
  5. Fill engine with fresh coolant to required level.
  6. Test engine for leaks, refer to section and perform the required steps.