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Air Intake Preheater Removal

Remove air intake preheater as follows: ‪

  1. Remove the hex nut, washer, and wiring-harness connector from the intake air preheater. See Figure 42468 .

    1. Intake Manifold Inlet Pipe (cold air) ‪

    3. Intake Air Preheater ‪

    2. Gasket ‪

    4. Wiring Harness ‪

    Intake Air Preheater Removal

  2. Remove four bolts securing the intake air preheater to the intake manifold inlet pipe. Remove the preheater.
  3. Remove the gasket from the intake air preheater and discard.

Intake Air Preheater Installation

Install intake air preheater as follows: ‪

  1. Place a new gasket on the intake air preheater.
  2. Insert the intake air preheater in the intake manifold inlet pipe and install with four bolts.
  3. Place the wiring-harness connector on the right-hand terminal of the intake air preheater. Secure the connector with the washer and hex nut.