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Oil Pan Removal

Remove the oil pan as follows: ‪

  1. Drain the engine oil.
  2. Remove the oil pan from the block and discard the gasket. See Figure 42452 .

    1. Oil Pan ‪

    4. Oil Pan Drain Plug ‪

    2. Gasket ‪

    5. Drain Plug Seal ‪

    3. Oil Pan Bolts ‪

    6. Oil Level Sensor ‪

    Oil Pan Removal

  3. Thoroughly clean the pan. Remove all traces of gasket material from the pan and from the block.

Oil Pan Installation

Install the oil pan as follows: ‪

  1. Position a new gasket on the block.
  2. Install the pan on the block and tighten the bolts 25 Nm (18 lbft).
  3. Install the oil drain plug. Tighten the plug 65 Nm (48 lbft).
  4. Fill the engine with engine oil.


    To avoid injury before starting and running the engine, ensure the vehicle is parked on a level surface, parking brake is set, and the wheels are blocked.


    Diesel engine exhaust and some of its constituents are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm.

    • Always start and operate an engine in a well ventilated area.
    • If operating an engine in an enclosed area, vent the exhaust to the outside.
    • Do not modify or tamper with the exhaust system or emission control system.
  5. Start the engine and check for leaks.
  6. Shut down the engine. Check the oil level and add oil if necessary.

    Note: Do not fill beyond the maximum fill level on the dipstick, since overfilling may result in high oil consumption. See Figure 42141 .

    1. Maximum Fill Level ‪

    2. Minimum Fill Level ‪

    Oil Dipstick