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Protective Sleeve Removal

Remove the protective sleeve as follows: ‪


To avoid scalding from the expulsion of hot coolant, never remove the cooling system pressure cap while the engine is at operating temperature. Wear adequate protective clothing (face shield, rubber gloves, apron, and boots). Remove the cap slowly to relieve pressure.

  1. Drain the engine coolant into a clean container. If it is clean, save it for later use.
  2. Remove the nozzle holder. Refer to section .

    Note: The injector sleeve puller kit J 46381 comes with two sockets: a 4-toothed socket and a rubber-ended socket.

  3. Using the injector sleeve puller J 46381 , remove the protective sleeve from the cylinder head. See Figure 42419 .

    1. Nozzle Holder ‪

    3. Protective Sleeve ‪

    2. Heat Isolator ‪

    4. O-ring ‪

    Injection Nozzle Components

    1. Attach the 4-toothed socket to the protective sleeve. Make sure the teeth of the socket engage in the four openings on the protective sleeve.
    2. Loosen the protective sleeve with a ratchet until the threads of the sleeve are disengaged from the cylinder head.
    3. Replace the 4-toothed socket on the protective sleeve puller with the rubber-ended socket. This is shown attached to the puller in the injector sleeve puller J 46381 .
    4. Insert the rubber-ended socket into the protective sleeve. Expand the rubber-ended socket by turning the handle on the tool counterclockwise.
    5. Pull and rotate the protective sleeve counterclockwise to remove it from the cylinder head.
  4. Remove the O-ring from the cylinder head.

    Note: Replace the O-ring whenever the protective sleeve is removed.

Protective Sleeve Installation

Install the protective sleeve as follows: ‪

  1. Clean the sealing surfaces of the protective sleeve and the cylinder head.
  2. Install a new O-ring into the cylinder head. Coat the outside of the protective sleeve with acid-free grease. The grease will allow the protective sleeve to slide past the O-ring without damaging it.
  3. Install the protective sleeve into the cylinder head. Tighten the protective sleeve 45 Nm (33 lbft).
  4. Install the nozzle holder. Refer to section .
  5. Fill the cooling system with clean coolant.