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The EGRcontrol valve controls the quantity of exhaust gas returning back to the intake manifold. ‪

Removal of EGRControl Valve, Gas Outlet Pipe, and Gas Mixer

Remove the EGRcontrol valve, gas outlet pipe, and gas mixer as follows: ‪

  1. Remove the EGR control valve cover mounting bolts attached to the front lifter bracket and to the rear of the EGRvalve. See Figure 44159 .

    1. EGRControl Valve Cover Mounting Bolts ‪

    Removal of EGRControl Valve Cover

  2. Loosen the wiring harness terminal from the back cover mounting bracket by punching the push-mount cable tie out of the drilled hole in the mounting bracket. Remove the two mounting bolts attaching the back cover bracket to the control valve. See Figure 44164 . Remove back bracket.

    1. EGRControl Valve Back Mounting Bracket ‪

    2. Push-Mount Cable Tie ‪

    Removing the Back Control Valve Cover Bracket

  3. Remove the two bolts from gas outlet pipe attaching the pipe to the gas mixer. See Figure 44160 .

    1. Gas Outlet Pipe Flange ‪

    2. Gas Outlet Pipe Mounting Bracket ‪

    Removal of EGRGas Outlet Pipe

  4. Remove the metal gasket.
  5. Remove the three bolts that attach the gas outlet pipe mounting bracket to the intake manifold and to the outlet pipe. See Figure 44160 .
  6. Pull outlet pipe away from mixer and from the EGRcontrol valve, exposing the membrane in the control valve. See Figure 44136 .

    1. Membrane ‪

    2. EGRTemperature Sensor ‪

    Removing the Symmetric Membrane on Gas Outlet Pipe Side

  7. Remove membrane from the EGRcontrol valve.
  8. Disconnect wiring harness terminal from valve connector. See Figure 44161 .
  9. Remove the four bolts attaching the EGRcontrol valve to the thermostat housing. See Figure 44161 .

    1. EGRControl Valve Mounting Bolts ‪

    3. EGRControl Valve ‪

    2. Wiring Harness Terminal ‪

    4. EGRTemperature Sensor ‪

    Removal or Installation of EGRControl Valve

  10. Pull the EGRcontrol valve out of the reed valve housing flange.
  11. Remove symmetric membrane from the housing flange. See Figure 44136 .
  12. Pull the gas mixing pipe and metal gasket out of the air inlet pipe of mixer. See Figure 44162 .

    1. Intake Manifold ‪

    3. Gas Mixing Pipe ‪

    2. AIr Inlet Mixer ‪

    4. Metal Gasket ‪

    Removal of Gas Mixing Pipe

  13. Remove the turbo boost/air temperature sensor attached to the gas mixer.
  14. Remove the four bolts that attach the air intake pipe to the gas mixer. Remove the metal gasket as well. See Figure 44163 .

    1. Air Inlet Mixer Mounting Bolts (2 qty.) ‪

    3. Air Inlet Pipe ‪

    2. EGRGas Mixer ‪

    Removal of EGRGas Mixer

  15. Remove the two bolts that attach the EGRgas mixer to the intake manifold. See Figure 44163 . Pull gas mixer off of four long studs away from intake manifold.
  16. Unscrew the four studs from intake manifold.
  17. Remove the metal gasket.

Installation of EGRControl Valve, Gas Outlet Pipe, and Gas Mixer

Install the EGRcontrol valve and gas outlet pipe as follows: ‪

  1. Insert a symmetric membrane into the reed valve housing flange using industrial petroleum jelly. See Figure 44136 .
  2. Insert the EGRcontrol valve onto this membrane using petroleum jelly.
  3. Install the back two bolts of the EGRcontrol valve (M8 x 90 mm). Install the front two bolts (those closest to the front lifter bracket) of the EGRcontrol valve (M8 x 40 mm). Torque all bolts to 25 Nm (19 lbft).
  4. Using two bolts, install the back control valve bracket that holds the wiring harness terminal in place. Torque to 25 Nm (19 lbft).
  5. Connect wiring harness terminal to valve connector.
  6. Insert a second membrane into the right side of the EGRcontrol valve housing using industrial petroleum jelly.
  7. Taking the EGRgas outlet pipe in hand, fit component manually onto symmetric membrane, using petroleum jelly.
  8. Install the four gas mixer mounting studs into the intake manifold.
  9. Install metal gasket over studs.
  10. Fit gas mixer over mounting studs and push on as far as possible.
  11. Install the gas mixing pipe into the air inlet pipe of mixer using a new metal gasket. See Figure 44162 .


    To avoid any engine damage, ensure that the gas passage of the mixing pipe is turned towards the intake manifold. ‪

    Note: Due to its awkward shape, gas outlet pipe must be mounted to gas mixer before the gas mixer can be firmly attached to intake manifold.

  12. Mount gas outlet pipe to gas mixer using a new metal gasket and two M8 x 16 mm bolts. Adjust gas mixer if necessary to accommodate the gas outlet pipe. Torque to 25 Nm (19 lbft).
  13. Position support bracket in place for gas outlet pipe. Install bracket using three M8 x 16 mm bolts. Torque to 25 Nm (19 lbft).
  14. Install the air inlet pipe to the gas mixer using four nuts. Torque to 50 Nm (37 lbft). See Figure 44163 .
  15. Install the turbo boost/air intake temperature sensor to the gas mixer.