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The engine is delivered from the factory filled with an approved engine oil. ‪


The use of non-approved engine oils could affect warranty rights, and cause engine damage. ‪

To ensure long and trouble-free service, it is important to select oil of the correct viscosity and service designation. Only multigrade oils of American Petroleum Institute (API) service designation CH-4 will achieve proper performance. Look for the service mark printed on the oil container. See Figure 41316 . ‪

API Lubricant Service Mark

When maintenance work is performed, record engine oil changes including details of the brand used, the quality category, and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) viscosity rating of the oil. When topping off, use only engine oils of the correct API designation and SAE rating. ‪

Synthetic Oils

Synthetic oil may be used in MBE 4000 engines, provided they are of the correct API designation and viscosity, as required for non-synthetic oil. ‪

Synthetic oil offers improved low-temperature flow properties and high-temperature resistance to oxidation. However, it is generally more costly than non-synthetic oil. ‪

Review carefully the product information published by the synthetic oil manufacturer. Performance additive systems often respond differently in synthetic oil. Use of synthetic oil does not change the recommended oil change service interval. ‪

Low Viscosity Engine Oil for Cold Weather

When changing the engine oil, estimate the interval before your next oil change. Choose an oil from the SAE viscosity class which corresponds to the outside temperatures anticipated during this period of operation. See Figure 42442 . ‪

Engine Oil Temperature Ranges