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Perform the following procedures for removal and installation of the oil spray nozzle. ‪

Oil Spray Nozzle Removal

Remove the oil spray nozzle as follows: ‪

Note: These procedures refer to bolt-on oil spray nozzles only.

  1. Remove the oil pan. Refer to section .
  2. Open the inspection cover on the flywheel housing and install the engine cranking tool (J 46167 or 407 589 00 63 00) . See Figure 41978 . Rotate the crankshaft to gain access to the nozzles.

    1. Inspection Cover ‪

    Installing the Engine Cranking Tool

  3. Remove the hollow-core bolt that attaches each oil spray nozzle to the cylinder block. Remove the oil spray nozzle from the engine. See Figure 42142 .

    1. Oil Spray Nozzle ‪

    2. Hollow-Core Bolt ‪

    Removing the Oil Spray Nozzle

  4. Inspect the oil spray nozzle. If damaged or bent, replace it or repair it using the oil spray nozzle setting device (J 46182 or 460 589 00 23 00) . See Figure 42143 .

    1. Oil Spray Nozzle ‪

    3. Setting Device ‪

    2. Setting Rod ‪

    4. Retaining Bolt ‪

    Setting the Oil Spray Nozzle

    1. Secure the setting device (J 46182 or 460 589 00 23 00) in a vise with protective jaws.
    2. Install the oil spray nozzle on the setting device and tighten the retaining bolt enough to hold the nozzle firmly.
    3. Set the nozzle so that the tip of the nozzle fits, without tension, into the cup of the setting rod. If necessary, bend the nozzle gently until it fits easily.

Oil Spray Nozzle Installation

Install the oil spray nozzle as follows: ‪

  1. Install each nozzle in the block with the locator pin correctly installed. See Figure 42144 . Tighten the hollow-core bolt 40 Nm (30 lbft).

    1. Pin Seat ‪

    2. Locator Pin ‪

    Installing the Oil Spray Nozzle

    Note: The locator pin on the base of the oil spray nozzle must be inserted into the pin seat in the cylinder block until it engages.

  2. Install the oil pan. Refer to section .
  3. Fill the crankcase to the specified oil level. Do not overfill the crankcase.