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Perform the following procedures for removal and installation of the fuel injector nozzle. ‪

Fuel Injector Nozzle Removal

Remove the fuel injector nozzle as follows: ‪

  1. Remove the engine trim cover.

    Note: The MBE 4000 engine has individual heads for each cylinder. To remove the injector nozzle for one cylinder, do these procedures step by step. To remove all the injector nozzles, repeat each step in these instructions, as applicable, for all six cylinders.

  2. Remove the cylinder head cover for each cylinder head, as required. Refer to section .
  3. Remove the charge-air manifold. Refer to section .


    To avoid injury from fire, keep all potential ignition sources away from diesel fuel, including open flames, sparks, and electrical resistance heating elements. Do not smoke when refueling.


    To avoid injury from fire caused by heated diesel-fuel vapors:

    • Keep those people who are not directly involved in servicing away from the engine.
    • Stop the engine immediately if a fuel leak is detected.
    • Do not smoke or allow open flames when working on an operating engine.
    • Wear adequate protective clothing (face shield, insulated gloves and apron, etc.).
    • To prevent a buildup of potentially volatile vapors, keep the engine area well ventilated during operation.
  4. Remove the injector line. See Figure 42105 . Refer to section .

    1. Retaining Bolt ‪

    6. Constant-Throttle End Cover ‪

    2. Tensioning Arm ‪

    7. O-ring (transfer tube) ‪

    3. Nozzle ‪

    8. Transfer Tube ‪

    4. O-ring ‪

    9. Thrust Bolt ‪

    5. Seal Ring ‪

    10. Injector Line ‪

    Fuel Injection System (exploded view)

  5. Remove the thrust bolt and the transfer tube. Discard the old O-ring.
  6. Remove the tensioning arm.
  7. Attach the impact extractor (355 589 01 63 00) and adaptor (904 589 00 63 00) . Thread the narrow end of the adaptor onto the internal M8 threading in the head of the nozzle. Thread the impact extractor onto the wide end of the adaptor. See Figure 42106 .

    1. Nozzle ‪

    4. End Cover ‪

    2. O-ring ‪

    3. Seal Ring ‪

    Pulling the Nozzle

    Note: Do not attempt to take apart the nozzle. If there is a problem, replace the nozzle.

  8. Using the impact extractor (355 589 01 63 00) , remove the nozzle from the cylinder head. Discard the O-ring and the seal ring.


    Pull the nozzle straight out of the cylinder head. Do not twist it, turn it, or use pliers. This could damage the nozzle. ‪

  9. Remove the impact extractor (355 589 01 63 00) and adaptor (904 589 00 63 00) from the nozzle.
  10. Cap off or cover the openings in the fuel lines to prevent contamination of the fuel.

Fuel Injector Nozzle Installation

Install the fuel injector nozzle as follows: ‪

  1. Using a dial caliper, measure the length of the M10 retaining bolt from the end of the bolt to the bottom of the flange. See Figure 42107 . The acceptable lengths are listed in Table . Replace any bolt which does not meet these specifications.

    1. Dial Caliper ‪

    3. Bottom of Flange ‪

    2. End of Retaining Bolt ‪

    Measuring the Retaining Bolt


    Length, mm (in.)

    Shaft length when new ‪

    90.0 mm (3.54 inches) ‪

    Maximum shaft length ‪

    91.0 mm (3.58 inches) ‪

    M10 Retaining Bolt, Length
  2. Lubricate a new nozzle O-ring with a light coating of engine oil and install it on the nozzle.
  3. Install a new seal ring on the nozzle.

    Note: Take care that the nozzle is installed correctly and is aligned properly with respect to the transfer tube.

  4. Install the nozzle in the cylinder head. See Figure 42108 .

    1. Injector Line Fitting ‪

    6. O-ring (nozzle) ‪

    2. Thrust Bolt ‪

    7. Retaining Bolt ‪

    3. O-ring (transfer tube) ‪

    8. Tensioning Arm ‪

    4. Transfer Tube ‪

    9. End Cover (Constant-Throttle) ‪

    5. Nozzle ‪

    10. Seal Ring ‪

    Positioning the Nozzle

  5. Install the retaining bolt in the tensioning arm. Tighten the bolt 50 Nm (37 lbft).

    Note: The tensioning arm insures the correct positioning of the nozzle.

  6. Lubricate a new transfer-tube O-ring with a light coating of engine oil and install it on the transfer tube.

    Note: Do not tighten the thrust bolt until after the tensioning arm has been fully tightened to the correct torque value.

  7. Install the transfer tube in the cylinder head. Tighten the thrust bolt 45 Nm (33 lbft).
  8. Install the injector line. Refer to section .
  9. Install the charge-air manifold. Refer to section .
  10. Install the cylinder head cover(s), as removed. Refer to section .
  11. Install the engine trim cover.