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The removal and installation of the EGRinjector unit pump is the same as the non-EGRengine; however, the EGRinjector unit pump must be programmed to coordinate with the DDEC-ECU (formerly PLD-MR). ‪

EGRInjector Unit Pump Programming

When replacing and before installing a new EPA04 EGRunit pump, the unit pump identification code number must be programmed into the DDEC-ECU (PLD-MR). Perform the following procedures to insert this code into the unit pump: ‪

Note: On the top surface of each EGRunit pump, there is a unit pump identification code number. This is the number that is programmed into the DDEC-ECU (formerly PLD-MR) to coordinate the operation of the unit pumps. See Figure 44234 .

1. Injector Unit Pump ‪

2. Injector Unit Pump Identification Number ‪

Injector Unit Pump Identification Number

  1. Consult the Minidiag2 Manual for service routines.
  2. Select routine number 006 Pump Line Nozzle Change.
  3. Enter the unit pump identification Number found on the top of the unit pump.
  4. Press enter.
  5. Press double-arrow back key.
  6. Turn off key and unplug minidiag2.
  7. Install the unit pump. Refer to section .