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See Figure 42006 for an exploded view of the flywheel ring gear. ‪

1. Ring Gear ‪

2. Flywheel ‪

Location of Flywheel Ring Gear

Ring Gear Replacement

Replace the flywheel ring gear as follows: ‪

  1. Remove the flywheel from the crankshaft flange. Refer to section .


    To avoid injury from burning, use lifting tools and heat-resistant gloves when handling heated components.

  2. Heat the ring gear on the flywheel with a torch and press the gear off. See Figure 41973 .

    Heating the Ring Gear

  3. Check the amount of interference fit between the flywheel mounting shoulder and the ring gear. See Figure 41974 . The interference fit must be within the permissible values listed in Table .

    1. Ring Gear ‪

    2. Flywheel ‪

    Flywheel/Ring Gear Interference Fit


    Specification, mm (in.)

    Flywheel Shoulder Diameter (for ring gear mounting) ‪

    432.450-432.645 mm (17.0256-17.0332 inches) ‪

    Hole for Mounting Clutch Pressure Plate ‪

    M10 x 1.5 ‪

    Ring Gear Inside Diameter ‪

    432.000-432.155 mm (17.0078-17.0139 inches) ‪

    Ring Gear/Flywheel Interference Fit ‪

    0.295-0.645 mm (0.0116-0.0254 inch) ‪

    Ring Gear/Flywheel Permissible Radial Runout ‪

    0.5 mm (0.02 inch) ‪

    Ring Gear Width ‪

    18.4-18.6 mm (0.72-0.73 inch) ‪

    Ring Gear Fitting Temperature ‪

    200-230C (390-450F) ‪

    Flywheel Ring Gear Specifications
    1. Measure the flywheel shoulder diameter (B).
    2. Measure the inside diameter of the new ring gear (A).
    3. Determine the amount of interference fit by subtracting the ring gear inside diameter (A) from the flywheel shoulder diameter (B).
    4. Make sure that the amount of interference fit lies between 0.295 and 0.645 mm (0.0116 and 0.0254 inch).
    5. NOTICE:

      Be careful to heat the new ring gear as evenly as possible. If available, an oven can be used. Uneven heating of the ring gear can weaken the ring gear and reduce service life.

  4. Heat the new ring gear to 200 to 230C (390 to 450F).
  5. Press the heated ring gear completely onto the mounting shoulder of the flywheel.
  6. Bore and tap the holes for the clutch mounting bolts. See Figure 41975 . The specifications are listed in Table .

    1. Ring Gear ‪

    Flywheel ‪

    Flywheel/Ring Gear Cross Section

    1. With the flywheel friction surface facing up (ring gear down), bore holes for the clutch mounting bolts.
    2. Tap the bore holes with M10 x 1.5 metric threads.
  7. Check the ring gear/flywheel radial runout.

    Note: With the ring gear pressed onto the flywheel, make sure the radial run-out of the ring gear does not exceed 0.5 mm (0.02 inch).

  8. Install the flywheel on the crankshaft flange. Refer to section .