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There are several minor changes in the cylinder liner, block and engine lifter brackets between the MBE 4000 EGRengine and the non-EGRengine. ‪

EGR Cylinder Head Installation

Be aware of the following notice when installing the cylinder head on an EGRengine: ‪


Be sure the carbon scraper ring is seated in the groove on the top part of the cylinder liner before installing a new cylinder head gasket and the cylinder head, otherwise component damage can result. See Figure 44178 . ‪

1. Cylinder Liner ‪

3. Installed Piston ‪

2. Carbon Scraper Ring ‪

4. Carbon Scraper Ring located in groove in cylinder liner ‪

Installed Carbon Scraper Ring

Note: All remaining installation procedures for the cylinder head are identical to a non-EGRengine.

Cylinder Head Changes

There is also drilling in the head to attach the new EGR cooler support bracket. There is hardening at block division face of cylinder head also. See Figure 44013 . ‪

1. Drilling to attach the EGRCooler Support Bracket ‪

2. Hardening at Block Division Face ‪

EGRCylinder Head Changes

Cylinder Liner Changes

One difference between the non-EGRcylinder liner to the EGRmodel is a groove on the top part of the cylinder liner, which houses the carbon scraper ring. See Figure 44178 . The carbon scraper ring for the EGRengine is in the area previously hardened in the non-EGRcylinder liner. Its purpose is to inhibit coke formation. ‪

Cylinder Block Changes

The cylinder block has two additional openings machined in the block. There is now an opening near the air compressor housing and an opening flange for attaching the coolant inlet pipe going to the EGRcooler.See Figure 44012 . ‪

1. Opening near the air compressor housing ‪

2. Flange for attaching coolant inlet pipe ‪

EGRCylinder Block Changes